Lourdes is often associated with religion and it is not so wrong even though the city is also a great tourist place in which to s travel there. Second city of pilgrimage in the world, Lourdes receives up to 6 million visitors a year who come to discover the faith and at the same time this beautiful historic site and this beautiful nature. Things to see and do in Lourdes: Whatever the reasons for a visit to Lourdes can not miss out on all these monuments to religion such as sanctuaries, which for over 100 years, make the reputation of this city of France. The city is also appreciated by all avid hikers. If you intend to organize from the start your route here are a few suggestions: The https://www.cityzeum.com/ev/le-chateau-fort-et-son-musee-pyreneen-lourdes-journees-du-patrimoine-19- and-20-September-2009 Chateau fort de Lourdes: it is an inevitable step on the course you need to begin to discover Lourdes. The castle is very old, it comes from the Roman era. The eleventh and twelfth centuries, it became the residence of the counts of Bigorre. But what most marked it, it's his role as a military post, moreover architecture testifies. The tour will lead you to the intriguing discovery of the drawbridge but also its tank. The course of Bernadette Soubirous: to immortalize the character that forever changed the destiny of Lourdes, it is possible through a course set up by the city