London is a dynamic and multicultural megalopolis part of the great "world cities": the same is often said in the forefront of modernity. The pace here is sustained, the action takes place day in museums, shops, large parks, like night, in a trendy neighborhood, pubs and clubs in the English capital. Between flights and trains, London became close to Paris, so for a city break full of British eccentricity, do not hesitate to cross the English Channel! London has recently dethroned New York as the coolest city and more 'global' 'of the globe! The charms of this city operates just as efficiently on its visitors, because London is full of things to see and do, whether for cultural reasons by visiting landmarks such as Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London or for more trivial pleasures out in pubs drink pints, ruin in Buckingham Palace and its falls, London taxis, Bobbies, pubs.), Making shopping or partying. London is a big city, depending on the time you have, start with the central areas before stepping away to the suburbs. From Piccadilly Circus, discover the center of London. Walk in the park: Saint James Park, Hyde Park. Discover Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery ...

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