A small country with fascinating history, dating back far into antiquity, to more contemporary painful hours. Lebanon, like its vibrant capital, Beirut, never seems to turn back. A culture rooted, let us add stunning scenery, an amazing variety for a territory so small: it is possible to ski in the Mont Lebanon (whose altitude exceeds 3000 meters!), Browse the flanks covered cypresses and cedars, national emblem, take a sunbath on the beach on the coast. With 250 kilometers from North to South, 60 km from east to west, it does not take long to go along Lebanon by sea; but to make the tour of his riches, it's a different story! Lebanon: History and culture Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East, bordering with Israel and Syria, difficult neighbors as evidenced by the recent conflict with Israel in 2006, which has resulted, among other things, to curb tourism activity. Lebanese territory is predominantly mountain. Two massive s' amounted successively to the east of the country: the Mont Lebanon, culminating reaches 3089 meters above sea level, is covered on its western slopes of pine and cedar forests, emblematic tree of Lebanon that one finds on its flag. The high Bekaa Valley, a fertile area, makes the junction with the mountains of the Anti-Lebanon mountains for desert border with Syria. Furthermore, most of the cities are on the coastal plain, where ports were established since the Phoenician period, later developed by different civilizations that occupied these lands: rich many vestiges of this ancient period Tyre is how World Heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Lebanon's heritage is impressive, through cities such as Tripoli, Aanjar, Deir el Qamar, Zahle, or Byblos, for n 'name a few. Finally Beirut, the capital, is a cosmopolitan city and active although marked by years of conflict that affected Lebanon. Things to see and do in Lib

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