Yet another resort on the Costa Brava? Yes and no, depending from what angle one approaches L'Escala. The old town is charming, while in the vicinity, one easily escapes the room station 60 concrete that characterizes the beach of L'Escala. And of course, south of the Gulf of Roses https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/rosas, you will enjoy a nice stop to admire the surrounding landscape. Holidays in L'Escala is a seaside town on the Catalan coast in the southern part of the Gulf of Rosas, it is not the prettiest town on the coast but it is not the most concrete. It offers some beautiful small beaches. On its busy docks are a plethora of hotels and seafood restaurants offering all the local specialty: anchovies. Not far from Escala are the ruins of Empuries, an ancient Greek colony founded in 575 B.C. The ruins are halfway between L'Escala and the tiny village of Sant Marti. There is good parking spaces around the site. Things to see and do in L'Escala Cala Montgo https://www.cityzeum.com/cala-montgo: rather than the large beach equipped the center of the station, move away a bit south to find this pretty beach framed sand rocky coves, very nice to spend the day in the sun https://www.cityzeum.com/vieux-l-escala the old town: this is where L'Escala has the most charm, these crowded streets that descend up &

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