Le Croisic

Located in north-western France, the peninsula Croisic, receives you for a stay under the sign of the sea. Visit the first fishing port of the city or are spread every day, for fun eyes and taste buds, a mosaic of species underwater, shells lobsters. This port also houses the Kurun. This famous ship that traveled the world, is today classified historic monument of the city of Croisic. Continue your trip in the direction of Océarium town! A unique opportunity to observe more than 100 species of underwater animals in 40 different aquariums representatives Wildlife Atlantic depths, Indian and Pacific. You must also go through the space of Snails, original farmhouse dating back to 1999, when breeding, preparation and marketing of snails will have no secret for you. Arrived at the heart of the city, the majestic Church of Our Lady of Pity 56 meters high and built in granite, is sure to amaze you. This Gothic monument consisting of four aisles and several pillars pleasantly will close your visit. More: http: //www.tourisme-lecroisic.fr/