A 22 km from Hyères and 20 km from Cavalaire is a beautiful resort it is the Lavandou. In recent years, the resort has increasingly coast, she even starts to steal the show from its neighbors. Things to see and do in Lavandou: If you plan to visit in Lavandou in high season, you will surely not miss a dip and it is not the places that are lacking, with 12 km of coastline you will be the lots of choice. Total Lavandou has 12 beaches, here are a few: - The range of Anglade: a sandy beach not far from downtown. - Great Lavandou beach: sandy beach also located not far from downtown. - Plage de Saint-Clair: this sandy beach is 1.5 km from the center. - Beach of the Dimple: this beach is for those who love the way places. - Aiguebelle Beach: it is located 5 km from the center of Lavandou. - Beach of the Elephant: a beautiful wild beach, it is half sand, half rock. - Beach of Jean Blanc: it is also a wild beach. - Beach of the Layet: naturist beach located 6.3 km from the city center. During your stay in Lavandou, do not ignore the culture. The town is home to many sights that are worth discovering such as: - The Saint Louis Church: this is the first church of the town. Its construction dates from 1855. - The Villa Louise: it is called usually the castle. The villa now houses the tourist office of Lavandou. - The port: If you're the type up early, go for a walk in the morning to the port to see the fishermen returning to port. You can also buy p

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