Laos is a landlocked country on the Indochina peninsula its territory while length never reaches the sea, framed by its neighbors Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Burma. Laos is probably the country that speak less of him among these. It is nevertheless a rich travel destination. Its territory consists mainly of mountains, thick tropical forests, whose altitudes exceed some 2200 meters. The climate is changing with the rhythm of monsoons, and ranges from hot and humid to dry and cold depending on the season. Discover Laos Laos is from the original name Lan Xang Hom Khao, whose translation is the land of a million elephants. Further north Luang Prabang is the capital of the ancient kingdom of Laos, particularly in protected forested mountains, its unique architecture makes it a place classified by Unesco. We also discover the natural areas of Laos as Vang Vieng and its caves and rafting, unless venturing further south along the Mekong River, heading archaeological site of Vat Phou ... to the west, the Mekong traces a natural border with Thailand. Along the river is Vientiane, the capital city, with its monuments and its -du-morning-or-talat sao de-26791 vientiane markets. This country is undoubtedly the most amazing and surprising destination for all

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