La Baule

Located in Loire-Atlantique (France), La Baule is a beautiful area which enjoys a seaside resort of reputation. It is known for its sandy beach or places and luxury villas reign in perfect harmony. Things to see and do in La Baule: The beauty of Baule is no longer to prove. Yet that is brand new that we begin to take an interest in its tourism potential. It was not until 1879 that two representatives of the Compagnie du chemin de fer de Paris à Orléans have decided to build a resort. Today, one can see a beautiful beach, stunning views of the ocean and the sweetness of the atmosphere that reigns there; its downtown gives us a feeling of timelessness. The beaches of La Baule: all activity of the city revolves around this huge beach known for the whiteness of its sand and its fine grain. The city is aware of and that is why in 2004 we could witness its re-silting and know that every other night the sand is cleaned. C 'is therefore a paradise that s travel there. In summer you can book one of the 750 blue and white striped awnings (call 02 40 60 25 45 for reservation) and enjoy the gentle sun for sunbathing or enjoying for activities on the beach. But Baule this is not only the followers of the great outdoors and nature who take pleasure. If you love art you'll be hooked. The Outremer Painting Gallery at the Ba