Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta makes you dream? Failing to participate in the TV show, you can go alone to explore this beautiful island in southern Thailand *. Then bend your luggage and go on an adventure to the island of Ko Lanta. Things to see and do in Ko Lanta Ko Lanta is actually an archipelago of several small islands and two large islands: the island of Ko Lanta Yai Island Ko Lanta Noi. Although Ko Lanta is out of the shadows in recent years, it does not attract the crowds so far, and that's good. The archipelago has kept its original appearance, it continues to be inhabited by fishermen, farmers and traders especially Chinese. It mainly attracts divers. Traffic, resorts, massive crowds of tourists are all banned words in Ko Lanta. There are a few bungalows here and there, sandy beaches of sight, typical houses, traditional restaurants and small bars. You'll understand Ko Lanta is rather a quiet island, far from the atmosphere of Thai tourist towns. If you intend to travel to Ko Lanta to practice scuba diving, here are two places to remember: Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. Hin Daeng, which means red rock in Thai, is a dizzying rock where there are corals and soft red. If you go in February-March you may have the chance to meet whale sharks and leopard sharks. Hin Muang means purple rock is also a huge rock dotted with soft corals. Between dives, discover the archipelago. And the best place to do this is Lanta Old Town an old port. The place is inhabited by fishermen and Chinese traders. Do not miss the two temples, Buddhist and Chinese. You can also enjoy your getaway in Lanta Old Town has