Located on the coast of Belgium, about twenty kilometers from Bruges, Knokke-Heist is figure chic and posh seaside resort that is reminiscent of some of its cons oeurs Norman! A large, long beach, villas, a casino (which houses a large mural Magritte), galleries and luxury shops ... All this pretty world plays a well-oiled comedy that takes place every summer on the shores of the North Sea. Knokke-Heist or Belgium Version standing Knokke Heist has different neighborhoods each with a unique character: A Albert beach, life becomes more animated, the Casino and the center of Knokke is the c oeur beating this station very fashionable seaside. You will find plethora of restaurants, shops and chic hotels, and numerous nightclubs very select.Quant to Heist is a rich residential area with villas owned Brussels and Antwerp elite. Zwin, a unique nature reserve or stay over 100 different kinds of birds, including storks. Knokke has the most famous casino and distinguished of Belgium, the most beautiful villas, the most exclusive shops and the best restaurants. Knokke is undoubtedly the most expensive resort on the Belgian coast. Heist was once a fishing village, life