The Jura is a department of the Franche-Comté https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/franche-comte dating from the French Revolution. Fortunately, this region has not been contaminated by modernity and industrialization saved and knew what nature gave him. You will be amazed at so many authentic landscapes, beautiful and unusual for some. There is so much to see in the Jura it is impossible to enumerate all the sights, we still try to guide you and your curiosity will do the rest. Things to see and do in Jura: Jura is known for its winter sports and offers a variety of activities. More than 1000 km of tracks connecting the villages of this department deemed the largest Nordic area of ??Europe. well-appointed circuits, secure, through the beautiful forests of the Jura and in which you can practice cross-country skiing, the Alpine skiing, snowshoes, telemark and even a horse and sleigh ride. Activities in the Jura do not stop in the winter. Hiking and mountain biking to discover the beautiful natural scenery of the region are offered throughout the year. Among the places to discover, first, the Gorges of the abyss located at the exit of https://www.cityzeum.com/saint-claude-25486 St. Claude. The green and shady place is magical. Between the spectacular Gorges rushes a beautiful river. You will find many small bridges and suspension bridges along the abyss at the end of one of these gateways awaits the famous hole of the abyss with its water so clear, you'll feel to see in the forest. Another place to visit is an incredible haven, Lake Chanon in the Lakes Region. In this wilderness, you can breathe fresh air and you really feel

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