A little away from external influences, the Japanese have developed in their archipelago culture quite singular, sometimes confusing the opinion of a novice, mas absolutely fascinating to discover during a trip to the '' country of the Rising Sun ''. This is the other side of the world so that we ship to that country that combines so disarmingly traditions and advanced technologies. Between tradition and modernity, Japan is a vast land of contrast. The tourist discovery of Japan inevitably requires the Tokyo megalopolis with its buildings, its shopping centers, neighborhoods of electronics, its prestigious museums, its traditions, its temples, nightclubs and lively night life districts. Then the secular and spiritual city of Kyoto, where visiting temples carry you through the centuries. Travelers who have more time can visit Nara, Hiroshima, the Japanese countryside, without forgetting all the other treasures that Japan can offer, that will take time to travel. 4 must-Japan Four cities / sites do not miss to try to understand the cultural depth Japanese Tokyo: the capital, a modern condensed, technological innovations, a giant city and bustling, friendly human densities unparalleled! Kyoto: homecoming in this city harboring a superb history: temples, gardens, castle, villas. Hiroshima Memorial Peace, the Museum of the bomb, the painful imprint of history will forever burn in this city now looks to the future. Mount Fuji: one of the symbols of Japan, difficult to miss the ascent of this sacred mountain! Japanese route Circuits and routes in Japan Japan is dreaming Western travelers, come to confront the country's reality. Discover the fine culture, impressive cities but also the mountains or the countryside in the rest of the country. Most trips in Japan begin their journey or not

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