Jakarta, Indonesia's capital veritable urban monster which expressed all the social and economic disparities of Indonesia, Jakarta is not a stop any rest ... heat, pollution, noise, most vacationers bound for the archipelago prefer to go directly to https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/bali Bali, Jakarta jumping the box! Must Jakarta That the capital is not very attractive for tourists does not mean it is completely devoid of interest for the visitor, far away ... A short stop will be enough to go around the major unavoidable Jakarta : visit the National museum and the museum Wayang puppet theater erected in true art ... Many monuments and sites symbolize the country, its culture and its history, Monas, the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (a culture park), the universities, the Istiqlal mosque, disproportionate ... Accommodation modern facilities 4 and 5 stars are quite common in the center, near the airport, at relatively affordable prices to our standards, expensive course for the country. Climate and seasons The equatorial climate in Jakarta is not to facilitate the visit of a city of this size: Temperatures are constant throughout the year, hovering around 26 ° C on average. Moisture is the part with the heaviest rainfall between the months November to April ... The time is a little dry between May and October. Travel advice Many flights from France arise too late to Jakarta to chain a match: use this time to visit the core of the capital, or planning a flight arriving in the morning to leave by plane in the day if you do not want not linger. Identity Population: around 10 million Currency: Rupiah Language