If you go for your next vacation in India, you should definitely take a walk through Jaipur, the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is the city with a plethora of palace since it is protected by the Aravalli Range of the chain in parallel with the Amber fort. Things to see and do in Jaipur: Those who love fairy tales and grandiose buildings will be delighted to discover that their reserve Jaipur: - The https://www.cityzeum.com/amber-fort Amber Palace: if to be one of the most beautiful palaces of Jaipur, it is located near a lake where elephants usually bathe. This is a magnificent place as many maharajas and their court lived there. The sculptures, mirrors and stained glass windows that adorn it are breathtaking. You will have the opportunity to admire from some rooms the panoramic view of the lake and its artificial island which is actually an amazing garden. The wall of Amber Palace stretches for kilometers. - The https://www.cityzeum.com/city-palace City Palace is located within the city, this is a modest palace but it is a palace nonetheless. When you visit, you'll find a costume museum displaying a collection of original clothing from different eras, a weapons museum where you will discover pistols and daggers, bows and arrows. - The Palace of Winds and the Observatory: they are among the other attractions of the city. Indeed, The Palace of Winds is a building with a pyramidal front of several floors. The Observatory, meanwhile him home assemblies that allowed some very accurate astronomical measurements. The corners where to sleep: the https://www.cityzeum.com/hotels-locations/jaipur Jaipur hotels are c

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