Going to Izmir in Turkey for your next vacation? If you still have some hesitation, drive them because once there, you will discover a city that defied his destiny resurgent, and a splendid way after the fire that had spread the last century. Things to see and do in Izmir: You will discover the paradoxical side of the city between modern and ancient charm, through these places: -Atatürk caddesi: this is the most important streets, it covers 4 km and includes the most beautiful buildings and a multitude of restaurants. It offers a lovely view of the golf course. -Cumhuriyet Meydani: the Republic Square which is in the middle of Atatürk Caddesi. It is enhanced by the equestrian statue of Atatürk monument to independence. -The Museum of Archaeology Izmir: the building is great, it is built on 3 levels. Beginning with the first, you will discover some sarcophagi, reliefs and splendid statues. In the second, you will see the Roman busts and marble statues from Ephesus and when you get to the last level, you will contemplate jewelry, seals and glass. -L'Agora: Namazgah is in the neighborhood, was originally built during the reign of Alexander the Great. What you will see are the ruins of the building after the earthquake in the year 178. Saint Polycarp -The church: it is "one of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse". Its restoration was in 1620. -The Kültür Park: This is a great park where the International Izmir Fair takes place every year. It houses a zoo, restaurants and beautiful gardens. -Shopping In Izmir: shopping lovers will stroll the streets and there Kemeralti unearth antiques or precious jewels. You will find a wide selection of clothes

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