Italy has an undeniable power of attraction: its unique cultural heritage, the beauty of these cities, its simple, tasty, the lilting accents of the language, landscapes, varied, from the foothills of the Piedmont Alps, until the eroded coast of Calabria sun. A destination suitable for many trips, looking always to the Dolce Vita! Difficult to summarize Italy, as in a few lines. Let us, therefore, to put water in his mouth, a quick tour of the riches of the 'Italian boot' '- Rome, the eternal city, from all points of view! Difficult to exhaust them his taste for culture and history. - Florence and Tuscany: Florence, jewel of the Renaissance, and what about the region? Beautiful landscapes, beaches and islands, wine, and historic towns. - Venice and its lagoon, which always takes the romance. - Milan, most industrious, at the forefront of fashion and art. - The Italian Lakes, Lake Como in mind, new landmark of the international jet set, where Italy blends with Alpine scenery. - Naples, chaotic and exciting, and the region grouping Vesuvius, Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. ! - Genoa, close to the border, with its small coastal towns, the Cinque Terre. - Calabria, deep Mezzogiorno, which always opens more tourism. - And of course the Italian islands of Sardinia, Sicily or the Aeolian islands already here to do! Italian cuisine Italian cuisine is considered healthy and balanced, combines flavors in wonder and simplicity. Pasta all the sauces and olive oil are considered the best of Italian cuisine in the country, but more in the south. In the northern regions, rice and butter traditionally accompany meat and fish, rice may also very well be enjoyed alone, in the form of a delicious risotto. The pizza is originally a dish of Naples Neapolitan pizza has a very thin crust and consists of few ingredients, which ultimately has nothing to do with the big pizza American. A meal tra

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