If you've always wanted to travel the center of France but the opportunity never presented, we will give you some information about what this beautiful department of Indre to motivate you and to go to the meeting locals who revealed to us the unique George Sand. Things to see and do in Indre: To discover the secret beauty of this department, you wander around several callers to the ride - Castle Valençay : it is the time of Louis XIII as Castle Valençay was built to replace the old feudal fortress. Its architectural style is a harmonious combination between the nascent Renaissance and Classicism. - Archaeological Site Argentomagus: If you like time travel, this is the perfect opportunity to do so in this site and back into the prehistoric times to the Roman era. The site is surrounded by a river and a forest which was that people were drawn to this place. Have succeeded then, the Bituriges and the Celts before the area forms part of the Roman Empire. Archaeologists have concluded that it was an important city through relics such as the monumental fountain, the largest known Gaul now, the theater and the worship area. -Park Of Parelles: that is it which was the subject of the inspiration for his novel George Sand Nanon. It is located Crevant in Berry in the bottom of the valley and extends over 23 hectares. You will feel from an expedition or to participate in a role play by seeing the three paths leading to this magical world: the cliff path, the masons of the trail and the trail Dordorin. The corners where to sleep: There are very charming h