One of the global giants in terms of population, over a billion people, the Indian territory consists alone subcontinent. Suffice to say that the country is vast and varied landscape level to discover. North flows the Ganges river in the center of Hindu spirituality, the valley is one of the most populated regions of the world: Calcutta, New Delhi. Rajasthan, semi-desert region, especially attractive for its many palaces of maharajas, not to mention the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra. In the south, India is actually greener on the 'Kerala image and forests a city to visit on each coast. Madras east, west Mumbai, not forgetting the beaches and excess Goa increasingly in vogue, a trip to India. is not an easy task, and can sometimes be challenging for the western traveler used to a certain level of comfort: the crowded metropolis, a hard misery, a difficult, hot and humid climate: it is important to choose a time to travel . for this, preferably avoid the monsoon season, when heavy rains fall on the country. A trip to India can not be improvised! A trip to India Whether you choose to go to northern India or south India, on the east coast or the west coast, the climate and the right season to vary from: do not forget that we have to do a country-continent for an exciting journey in which we plunges into a cultural bath totally different two weeks seem minimal to go: time for a good tour in the region chosen for his trip, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. Traveling in India can just as well be the backpacker way by spending next to nothing, as the most comfortable way, which means of course more expensive. Many will therefore manage to mix their modes of travel (transport, restaurants, itineraries.), To take advantage of various facets of India.

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