Ile de Ré

It happens to all to believe that a real journey with real discovery would travel thousands of kilometers in the middle of nowhere to be fascinated by a magical nature and places that make you dream. Yet sometimes the real discovery starts discovering his own country and his own land. often summarized tourism in France, Paris and the French Riviera, yet the hexagon is not limited to this. The beauty of France is in every part of this country, it brings together beautifully landscape, beautiful countryside but also beautiful islands of dreams. This is the case of the Ile de Re. Located in front of La Rochelle, this little corner of paradise is certainly tiny but hides his game. Called "Re white", she quietly floating in the waters of the Atlantic. Access to the island is simple, a bridge connects it to the mainland. Just browse the 3 km that separate France from this island and you're already there. Must: The island is small and thus there is nothing like a good bike to discover full of great length. For an island that is 26 km long and up to 5 kilometers wide, we must take advantage of its favorable weather to enjoy its extreme beauty. - The island of Ré bicycled: Ré Island is a true wildlife reserve. White sand and pristine beaches offer her unique landscapes. This is also one of the most visited islands in France. Bicycle Rental points are everywhere on the island. Let the cars and motorcycles and rent a bike for 100 km of cycle paths. There must be a minimum week to fully discover this corner of paradise and well establish a circuit in advance by purchasing a map of the island with its tracks. Bike rental is the hour, day or even week. Rates depend largely on the season. Between July and August, rates are highest. It takes an average of 5 euros for an hour rental. Some agencies are in technology and offer electric bikes to save you vot