Ibiza is famous for its summer festivals attract electronic music fans around the world, having been a center of culture hippies and underground culture of the 1960s to the 1980s Ibiza is located south of Mallorca. The main island of the archipelago of Balearic Islands in Spain has always been talk of it. After being the venue you hippies, Ibiza is known for its nightclubs and summer parties, something that the crowds and multiplied tenfold buildings. This has had negative impacts on nature and biodiversity. Be that as it may, Ibiza always keeps its tourist attractions, entertainment in this case, but also the beach and scuba diving. Ibiza: between nature and fiestaIbiza, a name synonymous with celebration, sleepless nights, rowdy music, volume cranked to crowded nightclubs. Ibiza is certainly a recommended destination for those seeking the supercharged atmosphere, but also find other things to do because the island is not a giant club. Ibiza is located in the Balearic archipelago, about a hundred kilometers of the Spanish coast, which is the main island Mallorca. Like many Mediterranean islands, Ibiza has seen a succession of many occupants over the centuries: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Arabs, and finally the Spaniards. All have left traces it's exciting to find when visiting the island. A tour in the old Ibiza, the main town of the island, in stark contrast to the impressive concentration of nightclubs, where it is possible to party for days for the patient. Ile beautiful for its scenery and climate, environment Ibiza unfortunately suffered great pressure on its balance due to the incessant influx of visitors. History of Ibiza, cultures and traditionsL'histoire Ibiza begins to write in 654 BC, when the Phoenicians founded a harbor they named Ibossim for the needs of the wine trade, marble and lead. Greeks also settled in Ibiza, at the same time that the Phoenicians e