The capital of Crete, a big busy city, which unlike many localities of the island, not only lives tourism ... Even if she does not miss assets, Heraklion is far from the best base for Cretan holiday: noise and exhaust pipes, we are in a large urban area! central point of the island, Heraklion is a communication node and transport (plane, ferry, bus), which very often becomes a must: we took the opportunity to discover the traces of remaining assets in the center, do some sightseeing, enjoy the lively atmosphere on an evening and leave ... to see and do: the unavoidable old town and the walls: some beautiful examples of Venetian architecture remain inside the walls, a route that leads to the old port, bustling Heraklion. Museums: the archaeological museum houses an impressive collection of Minoan objects, while the historic museum traces the history of Crete to modern times. https://www.cityzeum.com/knossos Knossos near Heraklion, it is the largest Minoan archaeological site never updated ... a must, despite controversial restorations ... Where to sleep? Many two and three star establishments, concentrated in the center and around the port of Heraklion, is a little tatty and frankly unattractive ... a night passes while waiting to take the ferry, but no more! Some pensions and small residences allow to get away cheap. Beware of hotels clubs https://www.cityzeum.com/sejours-vacances/heraklion all inclusive holidays in the vicinity of Heraklion: some date back more than yesterday and benefits are questionable quality of ... Moreover, the coast here is far from being the most beautiful of Crete.