If you go on vacation, a change of air would do you the most good starting Hendaye part of the region https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/aquitaine Aquitaine. Once there you will discover this city, the result of interbreeding between Spain and France through the history of wars and treaties that have taken place there. Things to see and do in Hendaye: The city is now a very popular resort for its immense beach, hills that surround it and its mild climate. There is so much to see and activities to do in Hendaye - https://www.cityzeum.com/chateau-d-abbadie Chateau d'Abbadia Abbadia observatory the castle is impressive with its neo-Gothic style. Its construction was completed in 1879. This building was the home of Antoine of Abbadia the famous explorer and scientist who dedicated this castle science. You can enjoy a guided tour of the observatory as well as its impressive library. Moreover, exhibitions and workshops are held continually seen that it is the property of the Academy of Sciences. - Path coast from Bidart to Hendaye this coastal road that connects the two towns n 'was built that in 2005. It offers magnificent views of the Pyrenees. Botanists, landscapers and urbanists took charge of arrange for visitors to enjoy the landscape by hiking, botany