Although it has become a popular and widely popular resort Hammammet has always kept its authentic side. Its charm: a perfectly entretennue medina, with white walls on which slices of colored doors, the walk on the ramparts, the small restaurants and the beach, parsemmée of fishing boats. Located in the southwest of Cap Bon in Tunisia, Hammamet is considered one of the main resorts of the country. Swept by the breeze, she does not know the heat, even in summer. The reputation of the city s' is built when a Romanian millionaire there built a sumptuous residence and that his friends then in turn decided to imitate. Subsequently, the arrival of thousands of tourists has not altered the charm of Hammamet. Its medina, surrounded by intact city walls, houses souks fabrics and fragrances. Narrow streets that wind through the beautiful houses of Arab style are an invitation to a slow vagrancy. Visit Hammamet is the oldest tourist center of Tunisia. The city is located at the north end of the bay of Hammamet, which covers about 20 km. Moreover, this city is located on a small peninsula in the south is a huge sandy beach. The medina is bounded by the walls of the ancient fortress, it concentrates a large number of restaurants and hotels as well as many shops mainly for tourists. About 10 km south of the city has emerged in recent years, the new tourist resort of Yasmine Hammamet, which is very commercial, it features a marina, an amusement park and a medina artificial '. We first came to Hammamet for its beaches, which offer a wide range of water sports, diving, water skiing, windsurfing, etc. Besides beaches, the main attraction is its medina of Hammamet, with its narrow streets, mosques, shops of artisans (pottery) and steam rooms. To learn more about the history of the city, do not miss to visit the Folk Museum in the medina. Great artists