Upstream of the Elbe, Hamburg is the largest port in Germany, but also the second largest city. As is often the case of cities open to the sea, Hamburg is a cosmopolitan and attractive city with a strong economic engine that irrigates all of its lively streets. Discover Hamburg Hamburg is situated on the Elbe a few kilometers from the North Sea. The city is famous for its nightlife and famous St. Paul neighborhood. The tourists come to visit his fifties museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts. She preserved green areas that help soothe the soul after visiting the city. These places are more particularly on the banks of the Alster. The city also has a municipal park and a botanical garden named Planten un Blomen. Extensively bombed during the Second World War, Hamburg retains today traces its heritage historique.Cependant, it appears the forefront in terms of cultural vitality: events, museums, opera, concerts ... without forget a night life whose reputation exceeds the boundaries very clearly! Visit Hamburg, so it's all: Walk and shopping in the lively city center of Hamburg from the https://www.cityzeum.com/mairie-de-hambourg-25486 City Hall, which no shortage of pace, near the Alster and canaux.Visite major museums: the museum of HIS