While so many tourists spend their holidays in the resorts and beaches of the Dominican Republic, Ha iti, neighboring state who nevertheless shares the same island in the Caribbean, has nothing of a tourist destination ... Among the poorest countries (unlucky?) of the world, Ha iti suffers from chronic instability, and the terrible 2010 earthquake came finalized a health and economic disaster. In short, few tourists in Ha iti, but few fighters and especially humanitarian. To see and do: Ha Ha iti iti is a country located in Central America, in the western part of the island of the Greater Antilles Ha iti, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It has a tropical climate. Its capital Port-au-Prince and is the historic hub of the country. Among the monuments not to be missed, there is the art museum ha NEITI, the National Museum, the Hall of Fame Museum, the cathedral of the same name as the city and the Cathedral of Our Lady of colonial times. The shopping area is located along the coast itienne ha. Close to the capital is the city of Port-aux-Paix where are the Fort of the Three Pavilions and Fort Liberté batis in the eighteenth century. In the north, you will also find many historical sites to visit within the Haitian National Historical Park including Sanssouci Palace and the Citadel La Ferriere. Practical information Travel advice Ha iti just is not a destination

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