Off the French coast in the English Channel, Guernsey belongs to the island chain to the special status grouped under the name of Channel Islands -Normandes. More or less attached to Britain, Guernsey do remains an independent entity, remains one of its neighbor Jersey of the former Duchy of Normandy, conquered by the King of France over England at Middle Ages, with the exception of the islands. The special status of the island makes it a tax haven among the most discrete of Europe, and the standard of living is very high. Guernsey, no doubt that it is the on land influenced by the Anglo-Saxon culture: the countryside of the island, all green it is, wisely interspersed with many hedges, forming a well kept wooded landscape . The rocky coastline, marked by cliffs, reminiscent of nearby Normandy. In short, a pretty and rather secret island, providing a change of scenery close to the French coast. Stay in Guernsey. High income, zero rates of inheritance tax and a mild climate make Guernsey a popular offshore financial center. Tourism, banking, agriculture, dairy production are the pillars of the economy. Side accommodation, the offer is primarily focused on luxury hotels and rates are quite expensive. There are nevertheless some cheap hotels and campsites around Guernsey. Staying close to Guernsey and yet largely unknown, it is easily reached http: // f