Ah Guadeloupe, when done well chilly in France, who does not dream of white sandy beaches and clear waters, its tropical heat and its moods colds? Overseas department, Guadeloupe offers more all travel facilities, no visa or even a passport, no formulas impossible to remember (unless they put in Creole), you only have to climb a flight management sun and relaxation! the island is actually an archipelago like the arc of the Antilles, with one side and the Caribbean sea Basse-Terre, all in relief and vegetation, the another Atlantic and Grande-Terre, more clean, with postcards of beaches. not to mention the small neighboring Marie Galante, Les Saintes, or La Désirade: this is a lot to learn to see and do: the course incontournablesBien, Guadeloupe, we enjoy the sea and the beach: lazing in the sun, swim in clear waters, memorable diving courses, snorkelling, fishing, water sports. The hike inland to some beautiful vistas, in the National Park of Guadeloupe, near the Soufriere. The routes are many and varied levels. cultural and culinary discoveries in cities and island resorts, starting with Pointe-à-Pitre. Where to stay in Guadeloupe? Number of vacationers go on Guadeloupe stays with formulas all inclusive, including lodging is found there in terms of price with these formulas, because Guadeloupe hotel is not given. choice, tourist homes or hotels clubs all equipped Other alternatives, though. traveling without intermediaries, lodges and other weekly rentals, that appear in various price levels Climate and seasons.? from when temperatures are warm throughout the year, as the atmosphere that sea, with significant variations depending on the season: December to June is the cuttlefish season, it is cooler (27 ° C.) and dry, while during the season

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