ski resort of the Jet Set par excellence, Gstaad has a reputation far beyond the borders of Switzerland. Its charming cottages, its ski slopes and its luxury boutiques attract each winter vacationers from around the world, including many celebrities and wealthy businessmen coming to enjoy the comfort and luxury service that village. The Swiss Alps offer in Gstaad reinforcing its lush secluded village of appearance, as cut off from the tumult of the world. To see and do in ADLWG The village of Gstaad account normally about 3200 inhabitants, but its fame is not commensurate with its size. She is particularly known for being the favorite ski resort of stars, celebrities and other crowned heads of the world. It is also an ideal destination for families thanks to the comfort of its hotels and vacation rentals as well as for its high-quality infrastructure. Glacier 3000 ski area is among the best and safest snowy Alps where skiing is from October to May in the best conditions, especially on the long track in the Combe d'Audon. It is also possible to practice a wide range of activities with quality infrastructure: snow park for snowboarders, cross country skiing, walking in dog sleds. The area also has the Alpine Coaster, the longest downhill World rail sledge for thrills guaranteed from April to September. With two cable station, the skier comfortably accessed both sides of the massif. In addition, for children under 9 years, the lifts are free, and they sleep for free in 24 hotels of the resort. For families, Gstaad offers many packages to suit their needs. The children's entertainment permit the