Often compared to its neighbor Belle-Ile-en-Mer with its wild scenery, sandy coves and cliffs, the island of Groix is ??distinguished by its fascinating geological environment. Metamorphic rocks visible on the Bay of Priests, resulting from erosion, and both sandy beach of Grands Sables contribute to the reputation of the island. In areas of Pen Men Beg Melen and Locqueltas, close to the beautiful Pointe des Chats, lies the nature reserve Francois Le Bail where gulls and other sea-nesting birds can be observed in addition to the blue glaucophane, rare mineral deposit. Geological research continues at the museum, lively and interactive space that also traces the history of the city and its Greks. C oeur of Morbihan town, a tuna adorns the church tower, remember the maritime history of the island and the tuna near Port St Nicolas. Hikers can walk around the island in two days thanks to the hiking trails of the wild coast. Discover Groix tourism sites to see and do ... Groix is ??located in the Morbihan department in Brittany. It is a French island located in the southern region. Called its inhabitants braces. The island has an oceanic climate with some Mediterranean influences. She became famous by its tourist and ecological and biological wealth. There are, among others, toads, several rabbits and pheasants. Port-Tudy, the largest town in it, is an important fishing port and marina. The houses of fishermen of the nineteenth century in the hamlets and St Tudy Church are among its important monuments.