Grenoble Grenoble is a layer early, but does not worry, you don 'will not be forced to bed at 10 pm, far from it. The streets are almost deserted during the week, so if you have the choice, opt for a weekend in Grenoble, at least you have the opportunity to have fun as it should. The center of Grenoble is the flagship site of all the madness, between bars, restaurants, movie theaters and some clubs, you n 'will not struggle to concoct a richer program. For a pre-evening program we recommend one of the following signs: Bar the Phenomen (4, Rue Vauban, 38000 Grenoble) place very sympathetic to the unusual decor, perfect to toast all night in a friendly atmosphere, The Saxo (5 Rue d'Agier) trendy bar, the London Pub (11 Rue Brocherie), there are a large number of foreigners and a fairly diverse clientele. About 23 hours, up to défoulements, and to do this, go to The Ambiance Café (78 Rue des allies), Dotty Night (56 Route Lyon), The Club (March 8 Lyautey), and looking rather a gay atmosphere, lesbian and gay-friendly Le Georges V (124 Berriat Course), the Prin's (at the same address as Georges V), the Under Club (Complex Arakiss, 135 boulevard Paul Langevin) and the System (4 rue Dauphine ) is right for you

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