The neighbor (and sometimes rival) Edinburgh, Glasgow, is located on the opposite coast to the capital of Scotland, mouth background in Clyde River . Largest city, Glasgow emerging as an important city in the Middle Ages, with the awarding of a arhidiocèse and a university. This will be aware of the nineteenth century during the Industrial Revolution, Glasgow will know that an economic boom ranking among the heavyweights in Europe. Its modernization has enabled it to reach the rank of European metropolis, with diversified activities. Besides real economic success, Glasgow remained an important cultural center in Scotland, home to many museums accompanying a remarkable built heritage ... no doubt it will devote a good weekend to have done the trick. Glasgow: small travel guide Located in west central Scotland, Glasgow is the largest city in the country and not least tartan third largest city in the entire United Kingdom. This is a large city, crowded, but that does not diminish the charm of the city which has maintained a certain elegance in their lifestyle through these well-preserved traditions and still current. Glasgow also lives with festivals such as the Winter Festival or that of Celtic music. For visits, Glasgow has been equipped with a new museum, an attraction in itself with its contemporary architecture, located on the harbor, where Clyde and Kelvin meet, housing a collection of maritime objects. Art lovers should not miss the Hunterian Mu