Any more Ile de France, but yet completely Normandy, Giverny in Normandy is a town halfway between Paris and the port of Honfleur. This town of 500 inhabitants is known for being the last residence of the Impressionist master Claude Monet, who has left a magnificent listed building. The painter has represented the village in some of his masterpieces: "Avenue in Giverny or Garden of artists" for example. Today, we come from around the world visit his house museum. But Giverny, it is also a charming French village with its tranquility and the unique light that attracted the master, ideal for lovers of photography and painting. To see and do in Giverny: The "Painters Village", nickname given to Giverny, charming by its relaxed lifestyle and the beauty of its surroundings. With half a thousand inhabitants, the town is small, but it does not lack assets to attract and retain the casual visitor. Famous worldwide thanks to its painters, Giverny notably saw override Claude Monet big names such as Cezanne, Mac Monnies, Frieseke, Cabot Perry, Butler and Sisley. Monet's house and is a must, if not the main reason for the arrival of tourists in the city. Its garden is the opportunity for a moment of escape from the lily pond and the Japanese-inspired elements. Giverny Impressionist Museum was inaugurated in 1996 by the former first lady Hillary Clinton as the American Art Museum, it takes its current name in 2009. It notably houses collections of photographs

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