For your next holiday in the Gironde you will not find better than the city of Bordeaux to discover and appreciate the department. Indeed, the city of Bordeaux summarizes so well all that the department has to offer to its tourists: culture, nature, wine, atmosphere, mild climate and more. It comes mainly in Bordeaux vineyards, you can moreover by visiting some. We also come here to discover and enjoy all that Sleeping Beauty features as cultural heritage. Besides its rich cultural and architectural heritage has earned its ranking city of art and history. Among the places and monuments that should not miss in Bordeaux you St. Andrew of the Gothic cathedral World Heritage of UNESCO, the Saint-Michel Basilica, St. Seurin Basilica, the Holy Cross Abbey and St. Paul's church. Bordeaux city center is an important museum. It is home to, many museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the oldest museums in France, Museum of Aquitaine, Museum of Decorative Arts, the Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of Customs, the LCdr Museum of Contemporary Art, the Centre Jean Moulin, the Museum of ethnography of Bordeaux and more. This department is dominated by the city of Bordeaux which represents its political, economic, cultural and demographic Gironde is the largest departments of mainland France. His interests are divided into four zones. There is first the

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