The provinces that make up Spain form a beautiful array of landscapes and cultures! Northwest region widely exposed to oceanic influences, Galicia dovetails perfectly with the waterfront landscape. Its land is not only well-watered, verdant and hilly, but its secular culture is still entrenched the ... scenery is indeed at the rendezvous! Discover Galicia Galicia is both an autonomous community and historical nation Spain. The capital is Saint-Jacques de Compostela, and the largest city is Vigo. Santiago de Compostela is a "must see", but Galicia is also known for its beautiful landscapes. Indeed, these are green; while its coastline and rivers are reminiscent of those of Scotland. The weather is cool, foggy and often the land is steeped in a magical atmosphere secular than do that amplify the many castles and dolmens. You can even hear the Galician bagpipe through the pastures. Because yes, did you know? Galicia was an ancient Celtic nation 2,000 years ago. The local language is Galician, a dialect of Portuguese, but you should have no problem to communicate in Spanish or Portuguese. Galicia is also an excellent destination for gastronomy. You will find seafood, and a wide range of pork products. This is definitely one of the best places in the world if you like seafood and fish, for example, because almost half of the mussels in the world are

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