Among the islands of the Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria ...), Fuerteventura is the closest island from the African coast: no natural barrier separates the Sahara influences. The beautiful volcanic landscapes succeed in the interior, with a monotony of stranded: the vegetation is clean and we imagine sometimes in a desert. Discover Fuerteventura Volcanic island of the Canaries, Fuerteventura is second in surface term in the archipelago. Its formation is old, which explains reliefs worn by erosion that characterize this island, whose altitude are far below those of its neighbors (its peak is slightly greater than 800 meters). The relief of Fuerteventura, well eroded barely exceeds 800 meters, giving full play to the sirocco to warm the atmosphere. Fuerteventura thus offers a different spectacle these neighbors: here, the scenery takes arid paces, with sand dunes and absolutely gorgeous beaches, a short vegetation, scenery almost desolate in places. Indeed, the island's coastline varies from rocky and difficult coastline where waves are crashing (and sometimes the boats, like the carcass of the American Star) and the beaches to the paradise-like, mainly located on the east coast Fuerteventura. Like the rest of the Canary Islands, Fu