Fribourg is a Swiss city, capital of the canton of the same name. Located on the border between the French-speaking Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland, is also an important crossroads of trade and cultural exchanges. The Fribourg's history dates back to its founding in the 12th century, the towers and ramparts of the time testify to this glorious past. Located in the heart of Switzerland, but also in the heart of Europe, the city has prospered through trade during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. She inherited a medieval quarter and well preserved gothic monuments that attract many art and architecture lovers. To see and do in Fribourg: Getting to Fribourg is dive into European history from the Middle Ages to the present. It is based overlooking the Sarine in 1157 on the orders of the Duke Berthold IV of Zähringen to strengthen its control over the region. The city is heavily fortified to fulfill its role. These walls are still visible today and attract many tourists come to admire the walls, towers and monumental gates of the largest set of military architecture in Switzerland. Its medieval quarter is one of the best preserved with a unique in Europe 200 historical buildings in the heart of the city. During the Renaissance, the city takes advantage of the struggles between the European powers to become virtually independent and develop. It establishes a particularly beautiful gothic city hall, which has been amended several times to receive a bell tower, a jacquemart and internal stairs Monumental. Another monument of the time, the hotel houses the Ratzé Museum of Art and History Fribourg. Other museums include the Natural History Museum dedicated to the fauna and flora of the canton of Frib