Fréjus is a tourist town and a resort on the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea. It owes its existence to the will of Julius Caesar to create a rival Roman colony of Massilia. The city owes its name to the conqueror of Gaul: Forum Julii, which is abbreviated with time in Frejus. The area attracts with its mild sea, but also thanks to its charming interior. Moreover, Frejus also has the label "City of Art and History", guaranteeing a rich heritage and highlighted. After Arles, this is particularly the second largest concentration of ancient remains of France. To see and do in Fréjus: This resort has many facets, which can be as much stays themes. For fans of the beach and water sports, the Var seaside offers many possibilities. The beautiful beaches and coves are an idyllic setting to forget the time a few hours or a day under the sun of midday. Water sports are also in the spotlight all year. Fréjus also bears the label "France nautical resort". Many schools and clubs welcome beginners and experienced practitioners for sailing, scuba diving, kite surfing, etc. The cultural activities of the city can motivate alone a passage through this ancient Roman colony rich in historical treasures. This includes visit its ancient monuments like the amphitheater dating from the 1st century, the aqueduct that supplied water to the city, its door Gallic or its remains of Roman walls. In terms of religious buildings may be mentioned the Cocteau chapel bearing the name of its designer and the episcopal city. It focuses among others a cathedral and a beautifully pre baptistery