Florida, it's his childhood dream come true! A concentrate of attractions, sun and good mood! What particularly pleases in this American state, it's that everyone is benefiting. Young and old alike, culture and entertainment enthusiasts, we all have a place in Florida. Florida: The Sunshine State Florida is established south of the United States toward the East Coast. It is bordered to the north by Georgia and Alabama to the west by the Gulf of Mexico and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Towards the east, there are about 400 miles (660 km) of sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast. Florida has a semi-tropical climate that makes them warm and pleasant summers with some rainfall. Its winters are mild. The official language is American English, although some communities also also speak English and Spanish. Florida is divided into several geographical areas with their own characteristics. Among them, the Florida East Coast, West Coast, Central Florida, the south shore. Each region has its own characteristics, even if one detects still some similarities in lifestyle. Florida East Coast has beautiful beaches on the Atlantic ocean with breaking waves moderately ideal for surfers. Most of the beaches, especially those near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona and Jacksonville became paid seen the number of foreign tourists who flock. They become a source of profit for the state. Many buildings were established, namely large hotels and new attractions and entertainment dedicated to tourists doting workable activities by the sea. The beaches of St. Augustine and Melbourne are less commercialized and tend to attract more local families and tourists. The beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are shallower, more flexible waves and waters are warmer. During the summer months, the coastline is undergoing strong thunderstorms. The romantics will nevertheless enjoy the magnificent sunsets. In South Florida, the Marec

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