Fecamp is a coastal city of Haute-Normandie in the heart of the Pays de Caux and the Alabaster Coast. Just 40km from https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/le-havre Havre, this city of about 20 000 inhabitants has a history dating back to the first millennium. The Fécamp heritage testifies with archaeological sites dating back to the Gallic occupation and numerous monuments. The city is also a seaside resort attracting domestic tourism in a friendly atmosphere in the summer. To see and do in Fécamp: Among the sites through Fécamp are, inter alia St. Stephen Church, Chapel of the Precious Blood, the Palace of the Dukes of Normandy, the German fortifications of the Atlantic Wall or the Villa Emilia jewels of the Art Nouveau style. The city also retains traces of the splendor of its port, which was an important cod fishing port until the mid 20th century. Its sailors went fishing this fish into the cold waters of Newfoundland on Canada's coasts. Today, the Museum of Terre-Neuvas and fishing can relive those days. Other museums such as chocolate or Benedictine Palace, with its original mix of architectural styles, invite other more original experiences. For entertainment after the cultural outings, Fécamp is not far behind. The beach is obviously a must, especially for water sports (windsurfing, kite surfing, sand yachting, kite flying, etc.). Woody Park is an attraction inviting to leave the ground for a day or even a night perched in trees. The corners where to sleep: Fécamp is a destination where it is relatively easy to find accommodation for all budgets. Hotel chains alongside major economic campgrounds and boutique hotels right s