You long for a little change of scenery without having to go beyond the borders of France? As you probably know, the country is full of beautiful places that we do not suspect, even living there for years. The Eure department one of them. Taking its name from the river bearing the same name, it is part of the Haute-Normandie region. So do not wait to pack up and exploring the Eure. To see and do in the Eure: It takes at least two good weeks to see everything you can unveil the department as surprises. If you do not have enough time, here are the essential places - Château de Beaumesnil: it was built in the mid seventeenth century in the countries of the Ouche. It is considered a masterpiece of Louis XIII built in Normandy in time. When you see it, you will be amazed by its monumental façade made from brick and stone. You will be tempted sure to browse the gardens and 80 hectares of the park that has remained intact since its construction. - Cathedral of Evreux: it is the symbol of resistance to the hardships throughout history. Since it was built in the tenth century, it was rebuilt after five centuries. The cathedral also suffered fire, bombing and a hurricane. All this was not due to its lantern tower topped by a magnificent spire called "silver bell" of the fifteenth century to which we added a golden rooster at its end in 1973. As soon as it was before the Cathedral, one is struck by the beauty of the north portal of the sixteenth which is considered a marvel of Gothic. Inside, the chapels decorated with one of the sets of the most distinguished glazing

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