One of the smallest states in the area of ??the South American continent, Ecuador is no surprise halfway the two terrestrial poles, on the equator! The country is divided into various different landscape units of each other: the eastern lands are covered by the Amazon rainforest, sparsely populated region offering particularly harsh living conditions. While walking towards the west, the landscape is soon worsen seriously, as we enter the Andean regions. Two mountain ranges surround a plateau characterized by numerous volcanoes (the entire region is named Sierra), whose spectacular silhouettes can exceed 6000 meters altitude! These absolutely beautiful wilderness welcome some important towns such as nice Quito, the capital, or https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/cuenca Cuenca, much further south. Again the landscape levels out to Ecuadorian coast; the essential step is Guayaquil, the largest city of the country. The journey does not stop there, since much further off, https://www.cityzeum.com/iles-galapagos the Galapagos Islands, a natural sanctuary, are attached to Ecuador. Traveling in Ecuador distant and exciting destination, Ecuador is certainly a small country in size, but it would be a shame not count enough time to travel there: to '' go round '' of major cities and sites in the country, you have to take a good week, but if by chance you want to join the Galapagos islands or sink into the Amazon jungle, so expect more! More time and more money: such excur