Since the Po Valley, Emilia Romagna (Italian: Emilia Romagna) stretches while length through the Apennines to the shore of the Adriatic Sea. This promises a beautiful cocktail of scenery! As many provinces of Italy, Emilia Romagna has its share of heritage cities, so many stages in a route that is sure to look at the other treasures of the region: its cuisine! Must Emilia Romagna Bologna, the capital, for its cultural aura, museums and historical heritage of the first order. Parma, for its architecture and its culinary specialties. The beaches of the Adriatic coast, with obligatory passage through Rimini. The small towns of heritage, Ravenna, Modena, Ferrara steps ... do not miss! A seasonal outdoor sports or skiing in the Apennines, from Piacenza. Gastronomy and culinary Rich is the word to describe the cuisine of Emilia Romagna: Parma ham and Modena, coppa, mortadella, parmesan, tagliatelle, tortelleni ... not forgetting of course, the sacrosanct bolognaise sauce ! A real treat awaits ... Climate and seasons on the coast, sun and heat in the month of May until autumn: the ideal time to enjoy the sea and beaches! The months of July to August logically correspond to the high tourist season: the world rising prices. More one penetrates inland, the climate becomes more contrast: hot summers or heavy, and

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