Elche (Elx) is the second largest city of https://www.cityzeum.com/guide/province-dalicante-12820 province of Alicante on the east coast of Spain. The city exceeds 250,000 inhabitants, and boasts great economic health thanks in part to its industry. Elche but is best known to tourists the uniqueness of the urban landscape: in fact, the center is occupied by a huge palm grove with about 200,000 trees over several hundred hectares! A complex and ancient irrigation system, inherited from the Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, allows the culture of this oasis, special care object for maintenance. The exceptional nature of the https://www.cityzeum.com/la-palmeraie-delche-12820 Elche palm grove, some are old palm trees hundreds of years, and have given the World Heritage designation by the Unesco!