Eindhoven, called the city of light is a town in the province of North Brabant, located in the south of the Netherlands. Fifth largest city, it is known for its specialization in the field of design lighting electricity. City economically active (with the presence of Philips and the Technical University) in base of Dutch design (with the Design Academy), Eindhoven remains very high from a tourist point of view; but it does not demerit in terms of cultural parimoine! Discover Eindhoven is located in the south of the Netherlands, near the border with the Flemish Belgium. Bombed and destroyed during the Second World War, Eindhoven was rebuilt afterwards. Today, heritage sports a resolutely modern and industrial face. It is possible to discover its creation in the organization of the Dutch Design Week or DDW. You can also visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Van Abbe or Designhuis. It is especially in the evening visitors can see the strengths and cultural attractions of the city. They can take a walk at night to discover the Stratumseind, the lift bridge, brown cafes in the Wilhelminaplein. Things to see and do in Eindhoven Eindhoven is a major city in the province of Brabant in the Netherlands http://www.holland.com/fr/Tourisme.htm. This is not a major tourist destination of the country because Eindhoven is primarily an industrial city and a p