The Egypt awakens our imagination. Visit Egypt, it's back to the basics of our civilization, and while reconciling us with our history lesson. So go visit these amazing places that have shaped its history: the Giza Pyramids, Memphis, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, Cairo's bustling capital, Alexandria, which was once one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, Luxor Le Sphynx, and Aswan. It is also near the Red Sea lie the world's best diving spots, including Quoseir, Hurghada, the Sinai, or Sharm el-Sheikh. History of Egypt during the Napoleonic campaigns that brought with the expeditionary forces, engineers, historians and Egyptologists, Egypt began to host a large French community. the French language then became the common language to communicate with other foreign communities. the Egyptian elite and the class average began sending their children to learn French. Until the 50s, the French played an important role in Egypt in diplomacy. Today the French language has not disappeared in Egypt, the country is still a active member of the Francophonie and the elite speak almost all the french to see and do in Egypt. the best attractions and places to visit abound in this north African country with a surface area of about one million km & sup2 ;. Moreover, Egypt has a semi-desert climate. If you decide to go there in summer, the temperature is very high. However, to avoid the intense heat, it is possible to visit the historical monuments at dawn and before dusk. The impressive pyramids remain to this day the most visited monuments in Egypt. Pyramids and museums in EgyptePays pyramids, mummies and the Nile, Egypt offers a huge selection of travel.

Vidéo Temple de Nefertari

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