Want to go away from mass tourism? Dubrovnik is the perfect destination for you. This pretty Croatian town with beautiful beaches and mild climate has everything to please you. Things to see and do in Dubrovnik: If she had not experienced an earthquake in the seventeenth century, Dubrovnik was today the direct competitor of Venice, nonetheless it nevertheless remains a city that contains architectural wonders in a refined baroque style, it is also part of the Unesco World Heritage the city is home to many attractions including: -. the Pile Gate: it is necessarily the starting point for exploring this beautiful city. This is indeed the main entrance, you will either get around and so see the walls that surround it and admire the view we have on the Adriatic Sea. or you can go through the fortified gate and arrive directly to the Placa is the main street of Dubrovnik - the Natural History Museum of Dubrovnik.. this museum houses a collection of coins, stamps, measures and collection of clocks Every day you'll see the permanent exhibition of artistic paintings, furniture and objects sixteenth century to the nineteenth century. Hours: daily 9. 00 - 16. 00 pm Closed Sundays and holidays. - The Dominican Convent of Dubrovnik: the imposing and austere appearance of this convent gives the impression of being a fortress, it is a Gothic-Renaissance style mix. Lovers of architecture will never tire of admiring the tower representing various styles. Indeed, its base is Romanesque, Gothic is the middle while the top is entirely Baroque. corners where to sleep: Although the city is not the target of mass tourism, it nevertheless contains excellent affordable hotels where you can live during your stay.

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