This is a good destination which remains on the fringes of major tours in East Africa, probably for the best: Djibouti, small country strategically situated on the Red and the Gulf of Aden, is however already well known to fans scuba diving. Indeed, some spots among the most prestigious of the world are present off its coves! Inland, where s' constantly hounds the furnace of the desert, get ready to see some scenery straight from the Apocalypse ... a journey that promises to be memorable! Djibouti discover small country of East Africa, Djibouti form a strait with Yemen that closes the southern end of the Red Sea so that the position of this territory is strategic; a French colony time, Djibouti gained its independence but continues to welcome foreign forces, including American and French. arid country, Djibouti suffers from natural conditions difficult to overcome: the extreme climate that prevails in this country is the source of unique geological formation and often spectacular, like the great lakes Assal and Abbé. On the coast, Djibouti, the capital this time includes the country's only international airport. beach lovers will then head Obock, on the other side of the Gulf of Tadjoura: first territory granted to the French in the nineteenth century, is to