Ile de Djerba

Djerba, on the southeast coast of Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabes, remains one of the leading destinations of the country. No need to look far reasons: warm and clear water, almost Mediterranean climate provides year-round pleasant temperatures, sandy beaches on tens of kilometers. After, as all destinations that are devoted to tourism, we observed some through Djerba, such as large hotels without souls and resorts in the Club Med tourists are more and more numerous since the 60 Therefore include a sling load of leisure activities, ranging from waterskiing Gulf through the casino, not forgetting more or less artificial crafts: some love Djerba paradise of relaxation and leisure seaside, others fleeing destination Yet Djerba also has an interesting heritage from the many people who stayed on the island throughout history. Carthaginians, Romans, Jews, Byzantines, Arabs what alternate with intense sessions. sunbathing on the beach to see and do in Djerba. the island is the inevitable flat, quiet, semi-desert, with very little vegetation, it offers an almost lunar landscape Besides its beaches, first of all activity. on the island Djerba has few attractions able to satisfy large and small. Djerba welcomes example the largest crocodile farm in the Mediterranean (more than 400 crocodiles imported from the Nile River since 1992). Different sports are available to tourists, water sports (scuba diving, windsurfing & hellip;), golf, horseback riding & hellip; The souks, Houmt Souk, offering a multitude of choices of crafts: pottery, jewelry , basketry, wool products & hellip; You can also visit the museum Lalla Hadhria and an interesting reproduction of a traditional village, discover the Fadhloun mosque and the Ghriba synagogue in Erriadh. Finally another interesting site

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