We often think wrongly that it will travel thousands of kilometers, going to the end of the world to make full discovery so that there are nearby destinations that are very interesting, Dijon is. This town famous for its mustard is one of the most popular cities in France, she alone has & laquo; 97 hectares of monuments & raquo ;, so you can imagine what awaits you. Things to see and do in Dijon: If you are passionate about culture, you will enjoy in Dijon. Indeed, the city is home to many places and monuments that are worth visiting including: - Museum of Fine Arts: it is ranked one of the oldest in France. It houses magnificent collections of paintings, sculptures and decorative arts from the ancient Egyptian times until the twentieth century. Address: Palace of the Dukes Court Bar - Tel: +39 (0) 380 745 270. - The Notre Dame: its construction lasted 20 years from 1230 to 1250. A legend says that by making a vow while making a small pat of the left hand to the owl carved on the walls of the church would bring happiness. If you believe you know what you have to do. - The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy: this listed building includes the Ducal Palace, kitchens, Tower Bar and around the terrace. Today it is the seat of the municipality of Dijon and also houses the Museum of Fine Arts. - Rude Museum: This museum is located within the walls of the Saint-Etienne church, it houses casts of sculptures by Fran├žois Rude a native. Address: 8, rue Vaillant - Phone: 03 80 48 64 83 - Mustard Museum: one can not miss visiting Dijon and its famous museum of mustard. Address: 48 Quai Nicolas Rolin - Phone: 03 80 44 44 52. This is no more than a glimpse of what awaits you there. In Dijon a toast: Dijon is well known for its vineyards, miss would be a shame. Amateur of good wine or not do not miss a visit to the vineyards of the region.