resort in the north of the Seine-Maritime, Dieppe includes some of the classics of the Normandy seaside resort: the beach (pebbles), and its ride, casino, golf 18 holes, the racecourse ... and to good measure, a thalassotherapy center. From Dieppe, it is also possible to embark for England, with ferry service to Newhaven. Things to see and do in Dieppe: Like any good resort the best, the beach attracts all the attention, particularly lively in summer also for winter fun. Marina and water sports keep the spotlight; to learn about the marine environment management https://www.cityzeum.com/la-cite-de-la-mer the Cité de la Mer. Then walk on the harbor side and in the center of the city, classified as a City of Art and History. A must visit the https://www.cityzeum.com/le-chateau-musee-1 Dieppe Castle and Museum. Key Events A good reason to spend a few days in Dieppe: international kite festival, held on the lawns of the beach, during which the sky of the resort is adorned with thousands of shapes and colors! Or sleep ? In and around https://www.cityzeum.com/hotels-locations/dieppe Dieppe, several hotels are between two and four stars. Obviously, the sea view is in demand ... In addition to classic hotels, many alternatives exist in Dieppe and in the immediate vicinity: campgrounds, cottages, but also many holiday furnished (houses, flats ...). For big weekends, school holidays and during the summer, better book your accommodation in advance. Identity Population: 34000 inhabitants ZIP: 76200 Region: